Extended Nervous System 1.0

August 3, 2007 - connectivity / cyberculture / cyborg / cyborgism / emergence / mapping / user interface / William Gibson

Reading William Gibson’s blog and thinking about his discussion of ATMs as part of his extended nervous system, I decided to start mapping mine. I began with the interface I spend most of the day with, my Mac – then to the WiFi router, then the cable modem, then the cloud, then the servers and the ‘others’. There’s so much more to add… And strange that it really did come out looking so hierarchical – I was expecting it to be more rhizomatic. Perhaps I’m not representing it correctly – or maybe that which was born of ARPANET actually IS more hierarchical than it seems. After all, the military designed it…

extended nervous system

(If you visit Gibson’s blog – take note of the strange structure of the interactivity – rather than allowing comments on the blog, there is a separate message board which he clearly reads and comments on in his blog. Any thoughts on this?)