Notes: The visual idea and the sacred self.

December 15, 2007 - emergence / technogenesis / user interface

Great way to phrase this, could be done without calling cuneiform chicken scratch, but…

“The chicken scratch of Sumerian bureaucrats had blossomed into an oracular delivery mechanism for the Word of God, one powerful enough to trigger the speck of essence within — and to prove that humble infotech may, in time, boot up the sacred self.” Pg 42

Related earlier section: “In Preface to Plato, the scholar Eric A. Havelock argues that the realm of the forms may also have revealed itself to Plato through the alphabet. Havelock points out that the etymological root of the term idea, which also gives us the word video, has a visual connotation.” Pg 34

Etymology of “idea” is idein, Greek: to see.
So, what if you can ‘show’ more directly? Do video and image have a greater ability to “boot up the sacred self?”

Both quotes from TechGnosis.