Burqa v2

April 14, 2008 - ethics / fashion / information technology / islam / surveillance

The Washington Post is reporting that the Bush administration is prepared to begin directing our most advanced spying technology on our own citizens. This includes advanced satellite systems.

We are entering the era of total surveillance. Every movement will soon be tracked – every cell phone call will enable location tracking – with clear line of sight, this technology will mean that you can be watched, from space, by your government.

Every time we tag a photo in facebook, we’re contributing to the facial recognition database. And every time we walk down the street our faces are captured by CCTV. Every book we list on myspace is entered into the matrix and one day, soon – perhaps you will have engaged in the requisite activities to be considered an enemy.


Will we see a movement toward wearing hoods and masks in public at all times? And will there be an attempt to regulate this? What if the hoods are worn for religious reasons? Will the face covering practice of fundamentalist Islam become the last refuge of the revolutionaries?