Infinite moments in cable.

June 30, 2008 - AI / connectivity / cyberculture / rabbit hole / retail / television

I want to watch A&E’s remake of Andromeda Strain… However, the digital cable god won’t give it to me. Why is this? I keep thinking it’s somehow related to the rain.

Is this the moment when technology becomes a part of our religious environment? When we suspect it is affected by numinous forces like weather and the hand of nature or gods or weather systems? Why would my digital cable be at all affected by the weather? Why not? I’m affected by the weather.

The little arrows on the screen chase one another round and round never ending or beginning…the screen says “Your program is now being accessed and will begin shortly.” But nothing happens. There is a large eye in the graphic behind the spinning arrows, an eye with a spiral in it. The whole thing concludes with the phrase:

“One moment please…”