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This site is the speculative research blog of Michael Paul Oman-Reagan. That four part name refers to me (the human who typed this) and contains the full name of my mother’s father embedded in the name of my father (hello kinship!). “I” am the author and the voice here is mostly mine, but in a way it’s also partly yours since you’re reading.  Keep that in mind and you’ll spare us lots of confusion.

A lot of the work I do crosses boundaries between areas some people like to think of as separate, like anthropology and outer space, religion and technology, science and social justice. These hybrid spaces are where all of our most interesting scientific and humanistic questions come from: Why are we here, where do we come from, where are we going?

I completed my M.A. in the Department of Anthropology at Hunter College, CUNY where I also earned B.A. degrees in Anthropology, the Program in Religion, and the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. I also spent time as a senior technology specialist at the CUNY Graduate Center where I worked with Apple computer systems, research and instructional technology, and cyberinfrastructure. I started my college career in biology, then moved to philosophy, international studies, art theory, religion and finally anthropology. I wasn’t keen on smashing bees for DNA studies as a biology student, and I am still very interested in the moral status of non-human animals and non-human life. I’m also interested in contemporary art and have produced and exhibited artworks and projects.

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. My research includes space science and exploration, the interstellar, as well as SETI, Sci-Fi, speculative fiction, and futures. You can find my manuscripts, working papers, and pre-prints on SocArXiv.

I am also affiliated with OurFutureEnvironment Consulting, an interdisciplinary group.

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