Family Radio Rapture Counter Hits Zero

May 21, 2011 / 0 comments

This is a screen shot taken of the web site today. Harold Camping, a preacher and radio broadcaster in Oakland, California had predicted that 6pm local time today, May 21, 2011, the Rapture would begin across the world. This idea of a “rapture” or a “rising” comes from a passage in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17…

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Google’s Autocomplete Algorithm

October 21, 2010 / 0 comments

A friend shared this series of Google autocomplete search results on a social network, it contains screen captures of Google’s autocomplete feature along with a venn diagram produced from the resulting terms: I was curious if I would get the same terms, so I tried it. As soon as I found that my results for…

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Church of England calls for Technology Fast

February 20, 2010 / 0 comments

The Tearfund carbon fast asks that we give up technology and re-allocate to the poor.    The Telegraph reports that Bishops in the Church of England are calling for a technology fast during Lent: “[The technology fast] is a statement [of solidarity] with a world that does not have that ability to communicate the way…

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August 21, 2009 / 0 comments

I came across “Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies” today. It’s difficult to look at any neo pagan online community without finding frequent references to Joss Whedon’s television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” One of the most often used quotes about wicca, for example, is this exchange between the characters Willow and Buffy…

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August 21, 2009 / 0 comments

Mitch Horowitz writes about Psychiana, a “mail order” New Thought religion created by Frank B. Robinson in 1928. Robinson ran the religion from his office in Moscow, Idaho. “Robinson was probably the first religious figure of the twentieth century to fully grasp the power of advertising and mail-order marketing. But he was more than just…

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Experience of a “Contemporary” Christian Church in the American South

April 13, 2009 / 0 comments

I asked the writer to recount their experience of visiting a “contemporary” church in Arkansas, Easter 2009. The photograph they showed me of the coffee shop was so interesting, I wanted to know more. Here is what they sent me: The last time I went to church it was in a bar in Brooklyn. Yesterday…

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Bike Blessing

June 10, 2008 / 0 comments

(Posted about Bike Blessing on Drunk and In Charge of a Bicycle.)

Papal Pupa

April 16, 2008 / 0 comments

The pope’s vehicle is much stranger than I remember. He really looks like an artifact in a display case at a museum. An interesting blend of security and visibility.

The Glue Society

January 27, 2008 / 0 comments

Biblical events as if seen on Google earth. God’s Eye View (Ark)

The Revolution Will Be Uploaded

September 16, 2007 / 0 comments

At the ANSWER march on the capitol Iraq war veteran Rev. Yearwood closed his remarks by saying: “The revolution may not be televised, but it will be uploaded!” Rev. Yearwood asked the listeners to go to youtube and watch the following video of Captiol police tackling him when he tried to enter the General BetrayUs…

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Bureau of Prisons Clearly Hasn’t Read a Bible

September 10, 2007 / 0 comments

The New York Times reports that prison libraries are being purged of religious books and other materials. The Bureau of Prisons is banning material that might “discriminate, disparage, advocate violence or radicalize.” Of course this is absurd and I can’t even begin to imagine who is deciding what would “discriminate, disparage, advocate violence or radicalize”…

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